We get stronger when we act together

The voices that speak through this report are testimony to the cruel, inhumane and criminal practices taking place in the Sinai for the purpose of extorting money. Vulnerable refugees are the primary victims and are being bought and sold as commodities. This commoditization of the human body as a saleable and expendable item is an ethical issue – one that brings into question what it means to be human. An urgent response is required, from both a legal and political perspective, to put a stop to these criminal and immoral practices.

This report is a call for action on the part of national institutions and governments on whose territories these actions are taking place including Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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A journalist named Meron Estefanos gets a disturbing tip. She’s given a phone number that supposedly belongs to a group of refugees being held hostage in the Sinai desert. She dials the number, and soon dozens of strangers are begging her to rescue them. How can she ignore them?

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